Five Amenities You Need When Travelling With Toddlers

27 July 2015
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If you are traveling with toddlers, you get the fabulous joy of seeing new places through their ever excited eyes, but you also get the challenge of traveling with a small despot who needs to be constantly feed and whose disrupted schedule may occasionally result in an emotional breakdown. However, simply by choosing accommodations that offer the right amenities, you can make your journey easier:

1. Mini fridge

As toddler's tiny tummies are only about the size of their fists, they physically cannot fit enough food in it to stay full for long. Because of that, you need to be armed with a constant supply of snack foods. So you can stock your hotel room with healthy cheese sticks, yogurts, fruit and other perishable treats, look for accommodations with a mini fridge.

Alternatively, save yourself from effort, and book accommodations that have room service with a kid friendly menu.

2. Ample space

When you are travelling for business or as a single person, a relatively small room may be fine, but when you have toddlers, you need to spread out bags of diapers, toys and even travel cots. To make sure that is possible, look for accommodations with lots of floor space.

3. WiFi

For those moments when you need a break, WiFi allows you to hook your toddler up to his or her favourite show on your favourite streaming service. So that you don't have to fill the hotel room with the sounds of kids' TV, bring tablets and earphones for your toddlers to use, and leave the main TV free for the parents.

In lieu of WiFi, look for accommodations that allow you to hire video game consoles, toys or books from the front desk. Those perks can help to alleviate boredom and keep your toddler engaged as well.

4. Pool

Toddlers seem to have limitless amounts of energy, and unfortunately, if they spend the day sight seeing while sitting in their pram, they likely won't be tired at the end of it. So that your toddler can burn off his or her extra energy, try to book accommodation with a pool.

If a pool isn't possible, look for accomodation located near opportunities for toddler activity. That could be a waterpark, a beach, an indoor bounce house facility or anywhere your toddler can safely run around.

5. Free breakfast

So that the onus and expense of feeding your toddler doesn't fall exclusively on you, look for accommodations that offer free breakfast. If possible, ask about the offerings before you arrive so you can see if there are things your toddler likes.

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