Five Tips for Preparing for a Stay at a Caravan Park With Your Dog

29 March 2016
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If you are planning to take your dog with you to a caravan park, you need to do some advance planning. For the safety and comfort of your dog, here are four things you should do before you arrive at the caravan park:

1. Check and double check the rules.

Before arriving at the caravan park, make sure it accepts dogs. Also, make sure that you are ready to comply with any rules the park has. For example, many caravan parks require dogs to be on leashes.

Similarly, if you are hiring a cabin at the caravan park rather than staying in a tent or caravan, be aware that the park may have special rules for its cabins. To illustrate, some caravan parks allow dogs in the cabin but not on the furniture.

2. Gather your pup's medical records.

In case your dog gets ill on the road and you need to take him to a vet, make sure that you have his or her medical records. That way, if you see a new vet, he or she will immediately know which vaccinations your dog has had as well as any other pertinent medical details. That helps the vet provide your dog with the highest level of care.

3. Invest in temporary travel fencing.

If you have a dog who loves playing in your yard, he doesn't have to forgo that experience at the caravan park. You simply need to invest in temporary fencing. Using your fencing, you can make a small play area for your dog in front of your tent, caravan or cabin.

4. Buy a stake just in case.

Unfortunately, if the caravan park requires dogs to be on leashes, your dog may not be allowed to play in a makeshift yard. In that case, bring a stake. You simply stick that in the ground and tether your dog to it. That provides your dog with a small amount of freedom and mobility, while also adhering to the park's rules.

5. Update the contact information on your dog's tag.

Your dog probably has a tag on his collar with contact information for you lest he or she gets lost. If the contact information has your home phone number, you should get new tags with your dog, and update them with your mobile phone number.

If you are not travelling with a mobile phone, put a relative's number on the dog's tags. Then, give your relative a detailed plan of your itinerary with the phone numbers of the caravan parks where you will be staying. If your relative gets a call that someone has your dog, he or she has the details he or she needs to contact you.

For more tips on preparing for a stay at a caravan park with your dog, contact a caravan park directly (such as Alpha Accommodation Centre Pty Ltd).