How to Save Money When Staying at a Luxury Hotel

22 September 2015
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When choosing a luxury hotel, such as Windsor Lodge Como, you may not be thinking of how to save money on your trip, but being able to save money can allow you to stay at a hotel that might otherwise be out of your budget. It can also mean staying at a hotel you prefer while still having money left over to enjoy your vacation! Note a few ways to save money when making reservations or staying at a luxury hotel.

1. Use their email alerts

Email alerts will usually let you know when a luxury hotel is running a special or is offering a discounted rate and how to take advantage of them. In some cases, you may need to make reservations during a certain time or season, or they may be offering the specials for those who have one of their credit cards or who belong to other travel clubs and groups. No matter the restrictions or details, being alerted to these discounts can mean not having to chase them down yourself or miss out on specials that are often not advertised elsewhere.

2. Compare quickly

Comparing rates doesn't mean just staying at the cheapest luxury hotel you can find, but it can also mean getting a discount on the rate of the hotel where you want to stay. Most luxury hotels will guarantee their rate so that if you find a lower rate at a comparable hotel, they will match that price. Very often, you need to find this lower rate with twenty-four hours or within a certain brand of luxury hotels, but finding a lower rate elsewhere can mean getting your reservation reduced in price without having to actually switch reservations or hotels.

3. Get their credit card or membership card

If a luxury hotel chain offers a credit card or membership card of any sort, sign up. Very often, the hotel will offer discounts on their rooms and even meals in their restaurants or other such services when you use their credit card or have a membership card. You may build up points or other such rewards when you use their credit card, and their membership card may give you a discount on your reservations after so many stays. If you're not offered a certain credit card or membership card, be sure you ask about it. These can be especially good if you travel often and will be making repeated reservations at a certain luxury hotel, as your rewards points may add up quickly.