3 Handy Hotel Reservation Tips for First-Timers

9 November 2015
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If you intend to make a hotel reservation, and it's your first time, you should act very carefully. There are several potential drawbacks you could face during the process, ranging from spending beyond your budget to feeling shortchanged as regards the type of hotel room and amenities promised. The following tips can help make the entire process of booking a hotel smooth and efficient.

Understand why you need the stay

The first, and perhaps most important, thing you should take into account when making a hotel reservation is the purpose of the hotel stay. Are you planning for a wedding and need to go for a honeymoon with your spouse after the wedding event? Are you a trader who needs to schedule a meeting to transact with some prospective clients in another city? Or maybe you want a memorable family vacation this year and need to know what fun and sporting activities you can all partake in.

Let the occasion necessitating you to book a hotel guide your choice of hotel. For instance, a hotel room with internet connectivity would be appropriate if you need to finish up on some paperwork and send files to clients online prior to a business meeting.

Be an early bird

Many hoteliers often offer the best rooms and facilities to customers who make their bookings at the earliest opportunity available. Look at it this way: booking a hotel is like making reservations for dinner in an exclusive restaurant; the best tables are set for those who intend to arrive first.

Besides having a better chance to select from a broader selection of rooms, booking your stay early sometimes comes with financial savings in terms of discounted rates. This way, you can save some extra cash to spend on other things during your stay, e.g. buying a gift for your new spouse while on honeymoon. Better still, you will have more time to delight in looking forward to your stay in the hotel.

Ask for full disclosure

Besides the normal hotel rates usually charged when you are making a reservation, there are taxes and surcharges imposed on the rates that might not be brought to your attention until it is time to check-in. Some of these extra charges will increase your hotel bill significantly if not highlighted beforehand.

Therefore, you should always ask the hotel to provide you with all relevant details about payment to avoid situations whereby you're forced to spend money way beyond the set budget.

Keep these tips in mind as you contact hotels near your destination, and your reservation should go as smoothly as possible.