3 Factors on What to Look For in a Self-Contained Apartment

16 June 2015
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A self-contained apartment can be a great choice for accommodations, as it means not having to stay in an impersonal, sparse hotel with little comfort. It can also mean having room for everyone, if you travel with a companion or with friends. In some cases a self-contained apartment can be closer to the ocean than available hotels, or it may be in the middle of a city and nearby all the shops, restaurants, and nightclubs that you want to see.

When you're ready to book a self-contained apartment, it's vital that you understand all the details of what to look for, since the accommodations are so different than a standard hotel room, and because each apartment will be very different:

1. Cutlery and cooking utensils

Many travelers choose a self-contained apartment so that they can use the kitchen while traveling, but make sure to check if it provides cutlery, cooking utensils, pots and pans, a microwave, and the like. Be sure you also note how many people it will service with the dishes and cutlery.

It does you no good to have access to a kitchen but to not have sufficient pots and pans and dishes, and to have just one or two place settings when you're traveling with your family. Don't overlook this detail if you're planning on doing any cooking in your self-contained apartment.

2. Laundry facilities

Where are the laundry facilities in the building? Some apartments will have a washer and dryer inside the unit, others will have a small laundry room in the basement of the building, and still other apartments will have a laundry building onsite. Some might not provide laundry facilities at all. Don't assume that an apartment will include access to laundry facilities but be sure you find out if they're part of the deal and if so, where the facilities are actually located if the machines are not in the apartment itself.

3. Internet and WiFi

An apartment on the beach may not have internet access simply because it's so far removed from the city, and some apartments might not provide wireless internet access so that you would need to actually plug a laptop into the modem itself. This can be cumbersome, and keep you literally tethered to the apartment. If you need to check your emails or do work while you're at your vacation apartment, never take for granted that it will have internet access at all, much less a WiFi connection. Ask about the connection, the speed it provides, and all other details you need to know to ensure you have full access to the internet as needed.

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