Saving Money While In Town For A Wedding: Motel Accommodations May Be The Perfect Solution

7 May 2015
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Although the number of marriages have declined, a lot of Australians are still tying the knot with 118,962 marriages registered in 2013. If you've been invited to the wedding celebrations, finding an inexpensive place to stay is a lot easier than you think. While the average price of booking a hotel ranges from $60 to $80 per day, motels are just as comfortable and cost on average $45 per day. 

The Distinctive Features Of A Motel

So, what's the difference between a motel and a hotel? 

Motels and hotels are able to offer the same level of comfort, with the exception being that motels do not offer room service and some other facilities and amenities. There is generally an open parking lot available beside the motel for you to park your car instead of underground parking or valet parking. If you're not a picky traveller and don't need the "extras" that come with many hotels, such as gym facilities or swimming pools, then you can save a lot of money by opting for motels instead.

Some motels do not offer their guests a complimentary breakfast for their stay and other additional benefits that hotels typically don't. Contact the motel that you are interested in staying for more information regarding what they can offer.

Features And Factors To Consider

If you are planning on staying at a motel during the wedding ceremony, there are several factors that you may want to consider in order to make your experience much more enjoyable. Features and factors that you should consider include:

  • the location of the motel compared to the wedding hall. You don't want to save money on the motel only to spend it all on transportation.
  • complimentary services. A complimentary breakfast each morning before you head out could save you quite a bit of money.
  • laundry services. If you want to look amazing during the entire wedding celebration, make sure that the motel offers laundry machines although you may have to do the job yourself. Consider whether they have irons available in your room as well, so that your outfit always looks crisp.
  • security features. Make sure that the motel is secure with surveillance cameras, security guards and secure locks. 


Check online reviews and ask your relatives before booking a room at the motel, so that you have a better idea of the quality of the accommodation that you can get from different places. Motels offer the same quality of services as hotels, but with a cheaper price tag. If you're staying in Australia for a short time, motels are a great type of accommodation to choose. For more information, contact an accommodation like Macquarie Inn at Club Macquarie.